What Sets iCoachu Online Apart?

Our programs are designed to bring the iCoachu Business School classroom to you, and are built around three key characteristics:


Select if you’re a seeker or provider and submit your form


Collaborate in shared online work rooms, set work milestones, and leave feedback


Only pay for work you approve. We take care of your safety.


Small business and individual creators are the essential backbone of innovation and economic growth in our societies. These are the people who bring communities alive and are dedicated to making them thrive. There are many entrepreneurs or skilled individuals who are incredible and undiscovered just like there are professionals who are truly built for leadership. There is an evident need to uplift and amplify the voices of people who need a boost in their career or educational platforms across the board. There’s also a huge number of us who are eager to do more to up lift our societies by encouraging everyone to contribute to the domestic economy. Our digital network of resources will specialize in connecting entrepreneurs with skilled professionals to accommodate and attract today’s social and mobile users.

Why work with iCOACHu?

We aim to create a network of experienced professionals who are skilled in their expertise and young professionals and small business owners who are goal oriented and need a kick start to their desired career pathways. This circle of network will aid in:

Opportunity to enhance skills

Provide a part time job for young professionals or students who seek to get an outlet or opportunity to enhance their usage of skills in an area of their expertise

Affordable cost

Allow tasks/jobs to be completed with refined quality within a timely manner at a nominal and affordable cost

Wide range of resources

A platform created to provide a wide range of resources for young professionals/ small businesses/ entrepreneur

Questions or Looking for ways to get involved?
Email us at: contact@icoachu.us
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