Leading an Agile Workforce Transformation

Corporate leaders and senior decision-makers must seize the opportunities presented by rapid technological advances, shifting demographics, and new employment models to ensure today’s businesses endure in the future. To build and maintain competitive advantage, businesses must recognize and manage the risks, while also capitalizing on the changing nature of work, workplace organization, and the workforce itself. Leading an Agile Workforce Transformation will help you make the right moves today to develop and sustain the agile workforce you will need tomorrow.

Leading an Agile Workforce Transformation is offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School’s research project on Managing the Future of Work.

Key Benefits

With new ways to think about work and your talent pipeline, you’ll prepare to create the modern, agile workforce your organization needs to achieve strategic objectives and build real competitive advantage for the long term

Envision and Plan the future of work in your business
  • Learn how to adapt to the trends impacting your workforce today, and how these trends will continue to shape your business five, ten, and twenty years from now
  • Take advantage of new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence to empower your business
  • Manage the complex relationships between technological change, job design, skill development, and organization structure
Ensure a sustainable pipeline of global talent
  • Determine the most effective ways to invest in your workforce today and in the future
  • Utilize permanent and contingent workforces, partnerships, collaboration, training, and other means to acquire the skills you need at all levels of the organization
  • Make better use of available talent by accommodating the changing needs of workers
  • Develop a global talent access strategy and sustain your company’s talent base, even in areas where it’s traditionally difficult to attract top talent
Expand your personal and professional network
  • Extend your network by living and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions
Who Should Attend

Senior leaders in established companies that are doing business in developed economies and have large, diverse talent pools, including:

  • CEOs, board members, and heads of business units, divisions, countries, or regions
  • Heads of human resources or other senior executives responsible for human capital management
  • Strategy officers or others with responsibility for strategic planning
  • Chief Risk Officers or others focused on risk management
  • Heads of business functions with particularly challenging workforce requirements, such as product development or operations
  • Policy leaders focused on workforce development

Given that human capital issues affect many parts of an organization, attendance by multiple members of your leadership team will foster collaboration and amplify the program’s impact.

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